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Dublin - Day 2

Note to self – Don't get to breakfast at 9:45 when it finishes at 10...there's no milk left by then....well on a busy Sunday morning anyways

After a few pieces of toast with some of my favourite jam, blackcurrant, orange juice, and a small bit of cereal I could manage to eat with the drops of milk that was left I made my way out to Dublin. I hopped on the first bus that came by the stop and I knew it was headed off my intended path once it turned right across the river. I had a nice stroll in front of me, maybe 20min, through some residential areas of Dublin on the east side of Phoenix Park, where I was headed. I'm guessing that it was the Polish part of town from overhearing the mothers speaking to their children. There was also a church service going on it what seemed to be Polish as well.

After finding the park it was a long walk towards the pitches that the games were being played at for the tournament(see below). There seems to be 7 pitches of games going on. Not a huge tournament from what I can tell but it is in its 10th year.

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