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Katie's Yoga | Now at Leytonstone Library

One of the best deals in London for Yoga is at Katie's Yoga in Leytonstone. For as little as £40 a month you can take as many yoga classes as you can fit in. Check out more of the deals in the Memberships section. You can also read more below...

Although yoga is catching on fast here in the UK, we really do not have as much choice as our friends across The Pond regarding where we practice yoga. In London, you have to look a bit harder and be prepared to travel if you want to get on your yoga mat.

London offers a “no-frills” approach to yoga, which I personally really love. Studios tend to be fairly basic and many are warehouse type set ups. We do, however, have some fantastic teachers and are lucky enough to host some amazing visiting yoga teachers from around the world, who come and share their wisdom.

There are times when you know for certain that spring is here. It’s the moment, both hopeful and nostalgic, when you catch the first scent of suntan lotion, or feel the energy of drinkers sprawling on to the pavement. I had one of those moments when on a gloriously bright Monday morning, we walked through town to Katie's Yoga. 

Positivity continued to flourish upon arriving at Katie's Yoga, meeting Katie herself, one of London’s best yoga teacher. Katie's Yoga has 3 locations in Leytonstone, with their newest venue opening at the Leytonstone Library right in the centre of town. Offering dynamic yoga classes for every mood, Katie's Yoga has a beautiful studio and guides you through your vinyasas.


Insanely Cheap AWS Cluster Computing Running SUSE

I've been spending a bit of time recently playing around with the AWS offerings primarily around the EC2 and S3 offerings.

Running CC2 as an on demand instance type you're going to pay $2.40 for the right to use the 32 core system for just 1 hour. However, if you're able to create your application in a way that takes advantage of AWS Spot Instance running on a SUSE Linux distro, you can run the same application for as low as $0.0001 per hour (yes 1/100 of a penny) quite regularly. Over the course of the last week you would have paid only as much as $0.10 per hour with most of the usage coming in at nearly free.

I'm sure you can find more instances being offered at such a low cost. This was just one example of a very expensive instance being offered essentially for free.

Of course, you've got to be careful with spot instances, they can be terminated at any time. You'll find these work best when application state and results are stored perhaps in a dedicated instance. Some great candidates for spot instances may include idempotent operations and reproducible or parallelisable work. You can see that running a CI server would be well suited for this work. You don't really care if the instance shuts off unexpectedly, it can resume later and produce your build/test result successfully at a later time. Processing work for the likes of the good 'ol SETI project would also be a great use case.

Happy cloud computing!