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Stella Artois World Draught Masters

Can you master the 9 Step Pouring Ritual?

GLOBAL FINALS - OCTOBER 28TH, OLD BILLINGSGATE The Stella Artois 2010 World Draught Masters Global Finals will see the best British bartender grabbing their chalice and taking on the cream of the beer pulling crop from 32 countries from around the globe in the quest to land the coveted title of Stella Artois 2010 World Draught Master. The finalists will once again be judged by a panel of experts on their ability to honour the time-honoured Stella Artois 9 step pouring ritual as part of an electrifying night of theatre and entertainment at Old Billingsgate.


Pouring the perfect Stella Artois is key to enjoying the perfect Stella Artois. That’s why we developed our time honoured 9 Step ritual to help ensure that consumers everywhere are served with the same care, consideration and craftsmanship Stella Artois has exhibited in centuries of brewing.
Click through the steps on the right to learn more about the Stella Artois time-honoured 9-Step Pouring Ritual.

She is a thing of beauty for the facts
Please drink responsibly. Over 18s only ©2010 InBev UK limited, all rights reserved


The Coca-Cola Happiness Machine strikes again - this time in London!

Watch the Coca-Cola Happiness Machine spread even more happiness in the next instalment of the global internet sensation.

Coca-Cola is unleashing happiness again, this time in the UK! The new film - the much-anticipated sequel to the global internet sensation which caught the world's imagination earlier this year - sees the Coca-Cola Happiness Machine arrive in the UK, bringing a touch of Coca-Cola magic to some unsuspecting British students.


EU TechCrunch Hosting JavaScript Exploit

I was browsing TechCrunch on facebook this afternoon and clicked through an article about facebook's testing of Places in the UK. I clicked on the link in facebook and was directed to as usual. After reading the first part of the article I decided to click on "Read the rest of this entry" and what happened next was a bit of a surprise.

As I was browsing in Chrome, a nice big red notification came up on the screen warning me that the site I was going to is hosting malware. I thought, this is techcrunch, it must just be a fluke. So I took my chances and proceeded anyway.

Then after just a moment, AVG confirms that indeed there is malware on the site. What is going on TechCrunch?


Robbie Williams - Celebrating 20 Years In Music 1990-2010

Robbie Williams releases a brand new single “Shame” on Virgin Records on October 4. The single was co-written with Gary Barlow and is a duet between the two superstars. This is the first time the two of them have ever recorded and performed a duet together and the first time they have written and recorded a song together since Robbie's departure from Take That in 1995.

The single is a brand new track which will feature on the forthcoming Robbie Williams 39-song greatest hits set “In And Out Of Consciousness – The Greatest Hits 1990 - 2010”, to be released on CD and DVD on Virgin Records on October 11. The album is spread over 2 CDs and is the definitive hits collection of one of the biggest superstars to have emerged from the UK in the last 20 years.

With a staggering 57 million album sales and 11 million singles sold, Robbie Williams has been breaking records over the course of his whole career. 7 No 1 UK albums meant he is easily the biggest selling solo artist in UK history, a fact reinforced by his 2010 Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution To Music. In fact, with a tally of 16, he has won more Brits than any other artist since the awards began, including ‘Angels’ being voted the best single of the last 25 years. A plethora of other record-breaking awards include a Guinness World Record for fastest ever ticket sales, coupled with the honour of playing the largest open-air concert in UK history, at Knebworth in 2003 have meant that his status as a live performer has equalled his massive achievements as a recording artist.

Robbie’s current studio album “Reality Killed The Video Star” was released in the UK in November last year and has now sold a million copies in the UK alone. The album also achieved the third highest week 1 sales of any album in the UK last year, narrowly beaten by JLS and the phenomenon that is Susan Boyle.

Robbie Williams said: “It’s incredible to listen to the album and realise that it’s already been 20 years of making music and playing gigs. And the great thing about the album is that it’s not only a celebration of my past but also a bridge to the future. The fact that part of the future includes a name from my past makes it all the more poignant for me”.


How to get Americans to watch Football during the FIFA World Cup - Video

With the England vs US match today I think this is very appropriate for the circumstances. Below this is a comment written by someone talking about how Americans don't get football (soccer). There are some good comments there. Check out the link below to the original post to read all of them.

This was written by THE GAFFER over at EPL Talk back in Dec 2008

To most Americans, feet are a very foreign object. Americans use their hands in American football, basketball, baseball and even ice hockey. Those ten toes are good for running, but that’s about it. It’s no wonder that most American children are raised to correlate sporting prowess with the ability to master the use of one’s hands.

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the obvious, but one of the major reasons why soccer hasn’t caught on with the mainstream in the United States is because of this major difference. If you talk to some neanderthal Americans, some of them will raise this difference and will laugh at the notion of using feet instead of hands.

It makes you wonder what Americans use their feet for, other than walking.

Sitting in a waiting room recently, a woman next to me dropped her cellphone. As we both noticed it falling, in what seemed like slow motion, I quickly moved my leg out to cushion the blow and prevented it from smashing to pieces against the stone floor. To me, it was a typical soccer move, bringing the “ball” under control. But if I was American and brought up on a hefty diet of the gridiron, I wouldn’t know what to have done to save it. My feet would have been stuck motionless.

Americans must think that using feet is like a novelty item you’d find in a carnival or circus. They stand in amazement when feet are used to accomplish anything other than walking. Then they laugh about it, and return to normalcy the day after.

Why is it do you think that American sports refrain from using feet other than running? Was this by design or by accident? Click the comments link below and let us know.


Rate Some Designs of Stella Adverts I Designed

We need to send 1 of these designs to an online e-magazine. Our video player will be playing in the black box. Could you please take just a few moments to rate each of these designs. Feel free to vote for only your favourite one or vote for all as you with.


Stella Artois Presents Marina & The Diamonds Viral Video Campaign

Le CO2eux Soireé

Présenté par Stella Artois
Le CO2eux Soireé is a four part variety show created to launch Stella Artois’ new lightweight bottle, which contains less glass and therefore produces less CO2 emissions.

A follow-up to last years’ Recyclage de Luxe Show, the CO2eux Soireé is also inspired by 1960s television programmes and is aired ‘live’ from inside the new bottle. Broadcast directly from 1963, the show features the ‘first ever music video’ – of Marina and the Diamonds’ hit single I Am Not a Robot – alongside a live set from The Mystery Jets, performing their yet to be released single Dreaming of Another World.

The show has been created by creative agency Mother and is supported with press and outdoor activity as well as an on-pack promotion. All four episodes will be available to view at

Stella Artois Small Steps
Stella Artois believes many small green steps help make a big difference. Their new bottles not only contain less glass but are made of 75% recycled glass; their cans are made from 50% recycled aluminium; the corrugated packaging we use for our packs is made out of 100% recycled paper and our cardboard packaging is certified compostable. Over the coming years, the brand will continue to produce pioneering eco innovations, taking small steps towards improving the environment.

Marina & the Diamonds
Marina and the Diamonds released her first LP, The Family Jewels (679 Recordings) early in 2010. She comes from a Greek/Welsh background and was born in Abergavenny, and was nominated for the critics’ award at this year’s BRITS.


The Secret Behind Nike Air

Nike Air is made from the Air of our very best athletes. This is the story of how Nike gathers the athelete’s air at Nike’s Air Collection Unit.

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Football Intruders at Bayern München (long version)

Two guys trying to sneak in at the official Bayern Munich training, participate in the training session and see how far they can go guerrilla-training with Bayern Munich.

Government Advertising in Sweden at it's best

Who are you sleeping with? – Nationella Hivrådet have created a test, where you can see, how many, you have ACTUALLY had sex with: knullträ

60 second version

Or if you've got some extra time you can watch the full length one that lasts 5 minutes


Watching 4oD without the Adverts - UPDATED DECEMBER 2014

I've started watching more shows online these days rather than sitting in front of the TV and flipping through the channels. I began with BBC iPlayer watching Spooks, Paradox, Merlin and a few others. I then started watching some shows over at 4oD last night. I quickly became annoyed at the amount of adverts! I remember back when 4oD used to be a program on your PC and you could download the show and watch them advert free. These days have changed I've soon found out.

Because I connect to the internet on my laptop by tethering my G1 phone to it, my internet sometimes gets lost and I have to reconnect. If this happens when I'm watching 4oD, the show will have to be restarted and I'll have to go through the 3 adverts at the start of the show. If I was far enough along, the 2nd set of 3 adverts would then also have to reload.

Being that this happened a few times I needed to find a fix to this problem. And I have...

The FAQ page on the 4oD site gives some advise to those people using Ad-blocking software and a way to check to see if they're having problems with it. What this also does, is provide some vital information that we need to easily block the ads from showing on the shows.

Some of you may be familiar with what a HOSTS file is. For those of you that aren't, it's your computers first point of call before it travels out to the internet to a DNS server to translate the URL you type into a  set of numbers computers can communicate with. Think of it as a complex form of turning a phone number like 1-800-COLLECT into 1 800 265 5328

Essentially, what this would allow you to do is to tell your computer that when you type for it to go to instead all the time. In this case however, we want to tell our computer to look at our own computer for the answer, yielding no result at all.

****UPDATED JUNE 2011****

Thanks to an anonymous poster recently I've updated the following steps to the following
  1. Watch the first set adverts from the show of your choice
  2. Pause show
  3. Locate your hosts file (you will need to have administrator rights and change it from read-only)
    • Windows - C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\
    • Mac - /private/etc/hosts
  4. Add these 3 entries on new lines at the end of the file
  5. Ensure browser is set to not clear browsing history on exit
    1. Link to Chrome options where "Clear Cookies and other site data" should not be ticked - chrome://settings/content
    2. Firefox - Options -> Privacy -> History -> Firefox will Remember History
  6. Close Browser and restart
  7. Watch shows advert free!
      I've just finished watching all 6 episodes of The IT Crowd flawlessly with absolutely no adverts on it at all.

      Sorry 4oD


      The Spotify Drinking Game - A way to enjoy the Adverts

      Moving into our new flat in Camden recently, we are presented with the opportunity to hold a housewarming party. During the last week Spotify has been the typical music source during the first week living there. We've noticed that every so often we get interupped with adverts that can get a bit annoying.

      Being as cheap minded as possible we were trying to find a way to avoid the .99p day cost to remove the adverts for the party. At first we thought about all taking a shot when an advert comes on but we soon realised that after a very short while we would be out of alcholol. We'll perhaps reserve this option for smaller, more intimate parties. So for this Friday's party we came up with the following:

      Most of you may know of the drinking game associated with card games where if 1 person starts some special action, placing their finger on their nose for example, the last person to repeat has to take a shot. Using that as our basic concept, the first person to hear the Spotify advert start playing must do the "action" and the last one must take a shot. That person then gets to set the next "action" for the next time an advert plays. This continues on until either you run out of alcohol; get bored; or the place starts to burn down and everyone has to leave.

      You can of course take on other types of drinking game rules and try to incorporate them into the times the adverts come on. As this is the first time we've done this, we will certainly come up with other variants and ways to improve upon the game tomorrow night. Check back for updates


      O'Reilly Drops eBook DRM, Sees 95% DECREASE in Sales

      The world's largest book publisher of tech books, O'Reilly, stopped using DRM on its books 18 months ago. Since then it's seen it's own sales of eBooks increase by 104%. When you think of DRM and tech books you might think "Wouldn't these types of people be copying these books and not be paying? They all seem to crack every other bit of software out there."

      Seems like that theory is true.

      If you look at US wholesale eBook sales from Q1-Q3 of 2009 you'll see that sales have increased nearly 200% compared to Q1 - Q3 of 2008 according to IDPF. O'Reilly is well behind the industry trend here.

      It looks like DRM vendors will now have some useful information at their hands to show that without DRM you'll likely lose out on sales due to copied books.


      Now, I'd just like to point out how even though all these figures by themselves are true, it is all how you put them together to tell the story that then creates mis-information. Someone else may look at these figures and say that O'Reilly eBook Revenue is up 104% if you compare their numbers from the year prior. Well that's what O'Reilly did. And then Boing Boing decided to write about what they said and before you know it people start believing what is told without questioning it.

      If you have enough figures, you can tell any story you want.


      A Day in the Life of a Beta Application

      Since finally upgrading from Windows 7 build 7100 to a full fledged version of Windows 7 Ultimate, I've started searching out quite a few beta applications to install on the new system. Below is a list of the one's I've come across so far and installed. I've also included some that are just trial versions rather than Beta. The main link is as close as you can get to the download before actually downloading it and you can always navigate back from there to find more info on the product.

      Are there any other great beta applications out there worth a look at? Let me know

      Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 Beta

      I just installed this a few hours ago so I haven't had a chance to start using the programs to get an idea for what's new in the software. But with 2010 the addition of MS Office Web Apps is probably one of the most unique differences. This of course coming about all because of the rise of Google Apps, something of which I use very often now. Microsoft has quite a bit of catching up to do in this area.

      To see all the other benefits of the 2010 offering head over to the Microsoft site.

      Mozilla Firefox 3.6 RC 1

      This new release is built on Mozilla's Gecko 1.9.2 web rendering platform and adds quite a few new features over previous versions. One of the noteable benefits that isn't mentioned in the standard release notes is the improvement for those of you running Firebug. Previously when Firebug was installed the high-performance Javascript JIT compiler that speeds things up was disabled even if you weren't running Firebug on that page. This is now fixed on 3.6 and you can read more about it here.

      Some of the release notes to make note of include:

      • Changes to how third party software to integrate with Firefox in order to prevent crashes
      • The ability to run scripts asynchronously to speed up page load times.
      • Users can now change their browser's appearance with a single click, with built in support for Personas.
      • Open, native video can now be displayed full screen, and supports poster frames.
      • Improved JavaScript performance, overall browser responsiveness and startup time.
      • Support for new CSS, DOM and HTML5 web technologies.

      Google Chrome

      The latest and greatest Google Chrome version can be found by downloading the dev version as found on the early access release channels page. You can also follow all the updates on their blog entitled Google Chrome Releases

      Adobe Lightroom 3

      I picked up this one the other week after reading through through the HDR tutorial over at Stuck in Customs. Along with Photoshop this seems to be one of the must haves for photo management.

      Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Beta 2

      One of the first problems I saw with this was that when going to TweekDeck to download the software, I was told to update my Flash player. I had to find the download elsewhere and then just install it as an Air application. I'm not going to list all the Adobe Beta applications but you can find the rest of them by going to their Labs download page.

      Microsoft SQL Server 2008
      Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008

      I've had to get SQL Server for a trial install of AspDotNetStorefront that I'm working with from time to time on projects. The full version is available on a 180-day trial whereas the Express version is its own product available for free.

      Microsoft .Net Framework 4 and Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2

      Whilst I was downloading the above products I stumbled over here to get the newest .Net framework and the new Visual Studio Suite to go along with it. To read about 6 things that might surprise you about what .Net 4 has to offer head over here for a read.

      Skype 4.2 Beta 3

      One thing about Skype for me, I hate it as an application for chat. The main problem I have with it as a use for this is the lack of integration of a chat history. This is why I prefer using Google Chat for all means of instant messaging. I do however use Skype for calls and even have a dedicated Skype phone on 3 mobile bundled with an unlimited calling plan to the States for under £2 a month.