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Work and Borat's Mom in London

After two months traveling around Europe I headed back to London for a month before I leave for France on the 9th of Dec. I had to get back early to attend an interview to receive my National Insurance Number. Everything seems to have went well and hopefully it should be on its way. The next issue now is to figure out how to get my EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card) so I can travel in the EU and be able to get medical care if needed. I need the NI number to get the EHIC card supposedly.

I spent just over a week walking into places, calling around, looking for a live in job at a pub. I ended up finally getting a call back from a recruiter who knew of a position available at a pub in NW London near the Hampstead tub stop on the Northern Line. I had a tril shift on Tuesday the 16, and started full time on Saturday. The name of the place is The Old Bull and Bush. It was renovated in what some might know as a typical Lincoln Park yuppie renovation. It used to be an old style place as it dates back to 1721, one of the oldest pubs here in England.

During last week I had heard that there was going to be a group of three women coming into the restaurant to have lunch. Some flowers arrived and they were addressed to Mrs. Baron. Turns out this is the same Baron Cohen from the well known British Actor/Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, better known as Borat. I happened to miss here that day as it was my day off but again today she had a group of 12 friends in for one of their birthday parties and I had the opportunity to speak with her.

Work is calling me back once again. I much preferred the 3 months off with traveling to having to work again. I hope the time in France will be a little less hectic than it is now. I'm earning quite a bit though because I just don't have time to spend anyting so that's a positive.