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Spotify is Removing Songs from My Playlists

Spotify has been growing for a few years now and it's finally reached the US market. I've been using Spotify for quite some time now and even created a Spotify Drinking Game some time ago. For a while I upgraded to the Premium offer for £9.99 so I could listen on my Android phone. I've since cut back on some costs and I'm back to the Open plan.

The other day I went on the hunt for some music to add to a new playlist. I stumbled upon some continus mix tracks that last from 60-80 minutes for a single track. I added them to my Continuous Mix Sets playlist and enjoyed them for a day or so. All is good...

I've since came back a few days later and all of a sudden the tracks I were listening to only days before are no longer available for listening. I wonder now if this is down to licencing issues or perhaps a further limitation Spotify is placing on users due to the lack of advertising one would be exposed to when listening to a track of such a length.

I've reached out to Daniel Ek (Co-Founder) and Andreas Ehn (CTO) of Spotify via a Google+ post asking them about this and looped in tech evangelist Robert Scoble to get his opinion. Wonder if they'll have a reply at all, doubtful (Robert quite possibly though). What do you think; licencing issue or Spotify further tightening the reigns on free use?


Kittens on DJ Decks - First Viral Video of Google+

If you haven't seen it already check out the video featuring Catboy Slim, Armin van Purren and Deadmeow5.

The newest social network Google+ has recently launched just the other week. If you're not on it yet you most certainly have heard of it. It's currently loaded with lots of Tech people and as such the discussions are mostly focused around topics related to Google+ itself or other tech related items. Adding some cats in the mix only helps broaden the audience and bring the platform to the mainstream.

This video, I believe, can hold the honour as the first viral video spread from a Google+ post. It's managed to make it's way to the Mashable home page as well as numerous places all around the web like RedditBoingoingBuzzhunt and others.

It's spread so quickly that YouTube stats can't even keep up with it yet. It's holding numerous hounours right now and at only 1,800 or so views it's clearly not keeping up.


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