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A US Ref, in Italy, with Danes

I woke up this morning on what would have been another day of work and received an email from the tournament director of the Limone Cup in Italy. Henrik has invited me to referee in the tournament this October. The timing is just about perfect because I will be in Italy the weekend before with my friends from London the weekend before. For the days inbetween I'm going to be trying to find a place to stay with people from Couchsurfing or sites like that. It looks like I have found a place to stay in Pescantina, Italy not too far from Sirmione where the tournament will be held.

He is also assigning for a tournament in May called the Norhalne Cup in Denmark and has invited me to attend that as well. I'll have to wait util its closer to the day to see if I'll be able to go there.


Departure Parties

Looks like the crazy going away event is going to happen on 25th August. We'll be taking over both apartments on Racine and having a smashing good time. VIEW THE DETAILS

As I have mentioned to a few people, 1st September there will also be a gathering. Stay tuned for details.

Being a Referee in the UK

More good news to report today. I have heard from The Manchester FA that during the Committee Meeting last Monday they have agreed to register me with them. This now means that I'll be registered with both the Scottish FA as well as the English FA.

I've started looking at tournaments across Europe. There are many where accomidation and food are provided as well as a small fee for each game. Sounds like a great way to travel. There are a few I've taken notice of in Norway, Spain, Netherlands, Finland, Austria, and Italy so far.


Couchsurfing Begins - At Home

The replacement roommate moved into my old room today. I'll still be staying at my place but basically using the couch to sleep on until I leave. A month of cheaper rent is definitely worth it. This means that I have to finally get rid of all my stuff to make room for all of his. I've sold a few things already on Craigslist but if you're in the market for anything let me know. I'll soon add all the CL postings which include the photos and details of what I'm getting rid of.

The customary trip to Pequod's with the new roommate took place as well this evening. We had dinner there the night we signed our lease and whenever a new roommate moves in. This was the 3rd such event.