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The Spotify Drinking Game - A way to enjoy the Adverts

Moving into our new flat in Camden recently, we are presented with the opportunity to hold a housewarming party. During the last week Spotify has been the typical music source during the first week living there. We've noticed that every so often we get interupped with adverts that can get a bit annoying.

Being as cheap minded as possible we were trying to find a way to avoid the .99p day cost to remove the adverts for the party. At first we thought about all taking a shot when an advert comes on but we soon realised that after a very short while we would be out of alcholol. We'll perhaps reserve this option for smaller, more intimate parties. So for this Friday's party we came up with the following:

Most of you may know of the drinking game associated with card games where if 1 person starts some special action, placing their finger on their nose for example, the last person to repeat has to take a shot. Using that as our basic concept, the first person to hear the Spotify advert start playing must do the "action" and the last one must take a shot. That person then gets to set the next "action" for the next time an advert plays. This continues on until either you run out of alcohol; get bored; or the place starts to burn down and everyone has to leave.

You can of course take on other types of drinking game rules and try to incorporate them into the times the adverts come on. As this is the first time we've done this, we will certainly come up with other variants and ways to improve upon the game tomorrow night. Check back for updates