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Travel Photos

All my travel photos can now be found here on this site. There will be a link to the right directing you there from now on.

Location of Travel Photos


Last day in the UK

Tonight is the last night in London with Charlie. We take off for Milan, Italy in the morning. Have 4 days planned driving around with her and 2 of her friends from South Affrica. We head right for Venice, spend 1 night there. Then off to Florence for the next 2. On the way back to Milan we're going to head up the northwest coast through Cinque Terre. This is where Greg and I were supposed to visit during last years Euro Trip but could't fit in.


Job in France

The word just came in...I'll be working in France this winter season from 10th December until the end of April. The only downside to this all is that I'll have to head back sooner than expected from traveling around. I have to get my NI number for this job and I'll need to be back in London on 7th November. I'm going to head to the jobcenter office tomorrow to try and get it sorted out sooner.