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How to get Americans to watch Football during the FIFA World Cup - Video

With the England vs US match today I think this is very appropriate for the circumstances. Below this is a comment written by someone talking about how Americans don't get football (soccer). There are some good comments there. Check out the link below to the original post to read all of them.

This was written by THE GAFFER over at EPL Talk back in Dec 2008

To most Americans, feet are a very foreign object. Americans use their hands in American football, basketball, baseball and even ice hockey. Those ten toes are good for running, but that’s about it. It’s no wonder that most American children are raised to correlate sporting prowess with the ability to master the use of one’s hands.

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the obvious, but one of the major reasons why soccer hasn’t caught on with the mainstream in the United States is because of this major difference. If you talk to some neanderthal Americans, some of them will raise this difference and will laugh at the notion of using feet instead of hands.

It makes you wonder what Americans use their feet for, other than walking.

Sitting in a waiting room recently, a woman next to me dropped her cellphone. As we both noticed it falling, in what seemed like slow motion, I quickly moved my leg out to cushion the blow and prevented it from smashing to pieces against the stone floor. To me, it was a typical soccer move, bringing the “ball” under control. But if I was American and brought up on a hefty diet of the gridiron, I wouldn’t know what to have done to save it. My feet would have been stuck motionless.

Americans must think that using feet is like a novelty item you’d find in a carnival or circus. They stand in amazement when feet are used to accomplish anything other than walking. Then they laugh about it, and return to normalcy the day after.

Why is it do you think that American sports refrain from using feet other than running? Was this by design or by accident? Click the comments link below and let us know.


Rate Some Designs of Stella Adverts I Designed

We need to send 1 of these designs to an online e-magazine. Our video player will be playing in the black box. Could you please take just a few moments to rate each of these designs. Feel free to vote for only your favourite one or vote for all as you with.


Stella Artois Presents Marina & The Diamonds Viral Video Campaign

Le CO2eux Soireé

Présenté par Stella Artois
Le CO2eux Soireé is a four part variety show created to launch Stella Artois’ new lightweight bottle, which contains less glass and therefore produces less CO2 emissions.

A follow-up to last years’ Recyclage de Luxe Show, the CO2eux Soireé is also inspired by 1960s television programmes and is aired ‘live’ from inside the new bottle. Broadcast directly from 1963, the show features the ‘first ever music video’ – of Marina and the Diamonds’ hit single I Am Not a Robot – alongside a live set from The Mystery Jets, performing their yet to be released single Dreaming of Another World.

The show has been created by creative agency Mother and is supported with press and outdoor activity as well as an on-pack promotion. All four episodes will be available to view at

Stella Artois Small Steps
Stella Artois believes many small green steps help make a big difference. Their new bottles not only contain less glass but are made of 75% recycled glass; their cans are made from 50% recycled aluminium; the corrugated packaging we use for our packs is made out of 100% recycled paper and our cardboard packaging is certified compostable. Over the coming years, the brand will continue to produce pioneering eco innovations, taking small steps towards improving the environment.

Marina & the Diamonds
Marina and the Diamonds released her first LP, The Family Jewels (679 Recordings) early in 2010. She comes from a Greek/Welsh background and was born in Abergavenny, and was nominated for the critics’ award at this year’s BRITS.