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The Secret Behind Nike Air

Nike Air is made from the Air of our very best athletes. This is the story of how Nike gathers the athelete’s air at Nike’s Air Collection Unit.

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Football Intruders at Bayern München (long version)

Two guys trying to sneak in at the official Bayern Munich training, participate in the training session and see how far they can go guerrilla-training with Bayern Munich.

Government Advertising in Sweden at it's best

Who are you sleeping with? – Nationella Hivrådet have created a test, where you can see, how many, you have ACTUALLY had sex with: knullträ

60 second version

Or if you've got some extra time you can watch the full length one that lasts 5 minutes


Watching 4oD without the Adverts - UPDATED DECEMBER 2014

I've started watching more shows online these days rather than sitting in front of the TV and flipping through the channels. I began with BBC iPlayer watching Spooks, Paradox, Merlin and a few others. I then started watching some shows over at 4oD last night. I quickly became annoyed at the amount of adverts! I remember back when 4oD used to be a program on your PC and you could download the show and watch them advert free. These days have changed I've soon found out.

Because I connect to the internet on my laptop by tethering my G1 phone to it, my internet sometimes gets lost and I have to reconnect. If this happens when I'm watching 4oD, the show will have to be restarted and I'll have to go through the 3 adverts at the start of the show. If I was far enough along, the 2nd set of 3 adverts would then also have to reload.

Being that this happened a few times I needed to find a fix to this problem. And I have...

The FAQ page on the 4oD site gives some advise to those people using Ad-blocking software and a way to check to see if they're having problems with it. What this also does, is provide some vital information that we need to easily block the ads from showing on the shows.

Some of you may be familiar with what a HOSTS file is. For those of you that aren't, it's your computers first point of call before it travels out to the internet to a DNS server to translate the URL you type into a  set of numbers computers can communicate with. Think of it as a complex form of turning a phone number like 1-800-COLLECT into 1 800 265 5328

Essentially, what this would allow you to do is to tell your computer that when you type for it to go to instead all the time. In this case however, we want to tell our computer to look at our own computer for the answer, yielding no result at all.

****UPDATED JUNE 2011****

Thanks to an anonymous poster recently I've updated the following steps to the following
  1. Watch the first set adverts from the show of your choice
  2. Pause show
  3. Locate your hosts file (you will need to have administrator rights and change it from read-only)
    • Windows - C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\
    • Mac - /private/etc/hosts
  4. Add these 3 entries on new lines at the end of the file
  5. Ensure browser is set to not clear browsing history on exit
    1. Link to Chrome options where "Clear Cookies and other site data" should not be ticked - chrome://settings/content
    2. Firefox - Options -> Privacy -> History -> Firefox will Remember History
  6. Close Browser and restart
  7. Watch shows advert free!
      I've just finished watching all 6 episodes of The IT Crowd flawlessly with absolutely no adverts on it at all.

      Sorry 4oD