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Dublin - Day 2

There were some cultural events going on at the tournament including some Chinese dancers and singers that I had the opportunity to watch and hear. Around 2pm I decided that I had watched enough and it was time to get something to eat. As I was leaving I walked past a game going on at the cricket grounds that I first passed by before getting to the football pitches. I took about an hour to watch what was going on and picked up on a few parts of the game. Still don't understand it fully though of course.

While walking to the bus to get back into the city centre, I noticed the Guinness building towering above all the rest in the distance. I took the bus back towards the polish internet café where it is only €1 per hour. The hostel costs €1 for 15 minutes!

I went and ate at Eddie Rockets and had a tuna melt along with some fries. (€5.75, 3.45). Their wireless internet, that seemed to be open, refused to allow me to connect.

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