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Arrival to Europe

No delay on the flight arrival this morning into Dublin. There was some trouble with the airport crew trying to align the stairs for us all to get off the plane. Once that was complete, I was then heading through the airport to pass through customs. The last time I came through to London I was of course in the non-European Union line and there's quite a bit of inspection of ones passport, maybe an inquiry or two of what you will be doing, where you're staying and what not. This time however it was the EU line for me, not a sole waiting in line. I walked right up and the agent didn't glance at it for more than 5 seconds and I was on my way. I suppose the only bad thing with the new passport is that it seems I won't be getting any stamps of all the countries I'll be visiting.

After waiting for what seemed to be everyone else's luggage to come off the plane I finally received mine. I realized I might have been better off with a larger roller suitcase to consolidate the backpack and small roller one I used all into one. I made my way out of the airport towards the bus, taking the 748 to the hostel I am staying at, Four Courts Hostel. I opted to buy the 3 day Rambler pass for €10.50 instead of the €5.00 one way. I took the bus past a few parks where some youth football matches were going on. There's a tournament this weekend that I'm going to go and watch tomorrow.

After dropping off my luggage at the hostel I walked around Dublin until about 4pm. I went and picked up a UK plug for my new laptop because the power converter I bought did not have the typical 3 prong US but only the 2 prong. Luckily the laptop adapters are 110-240V switched, as is my mobile phone charger as it turns out. The Isobar power strip I brought with unfortunately is not 110-240V so I'll need to get one of these sent over.

I spent an uneventful evening at the hostel. Getting in bed around 10pm sleeping until the next morning.

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