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A Football Referee in the UK

Excellent news was received today from the Ayrshire Referee Association. Tom Loy has invited me to attend an interview with the Associaton on 15 Sept as well as to join them in training that Tuesday of the same week. By getting this interview and succeeding I will not have to go through what would be at least an 8 week training process that would be nearly impossible to complete because I won't be in once place for that long initially.

The only downside to this is that I haven't been certified in the US since 2000. This means that I will have to spend 2 days at classes because, at least from the phone call to the ISRC, I can not attend the 1 day refresher class that's in Chicago. The only entry clinics before I leave are in Quincy or Carbondale IL. I'm trying to see if I can find closer ones in IN or WI now.

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