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The days are going by quickly and 8 September is fast approaching. I am trying to figure out the dates of where I'll be once I leave. I've gone and created a calendar that shows what my schedule will look like.

There has been a plethora of information to read through in order to prepare for this move. Here are some of the things I've determined I will need to do for my UK arrival.

1) I have sorted out a bank account and will be getting it through the Royal Bank of Scotland once I arrive in Kilwinning.
2) Obtaining a National Insurance (NI) number will be something I will need to set up an interview for once I'm there so I can be able to work.
3) I have already sent away for my provisional drivers licence. Because the UK passport is digital, they took the photo and signature already on file for the license.
4) I have printed out the electoral registration form so that I can mail it in and be all registered to vote there.

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