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First day of skiing

Today was our first day of skiing. We headed off to the slopes around 10am and I was there until 3:30 in the afternoon. The day started off quite slowly with 4 falls in a matter of about 300m right from the start. No one I was with knew I had only skied for about 5hrs back in HS. We made our way over to the second set of lifts to the red "olympique" run. The pistes are rated from the very easy green, easy blue, difficult red, to the very difficult black. Olympique was a red rated piste. I arrived to the top of the Rochebrune peak at 1754m and knew this wasn't the time to give it a go. I took the lift right back down.

After getting to some more level snow I finally met up with Sumo. He's one of the ski instructors from ESI that works closely with Stanford Skiing and the guests. A few of us spent the rest of the day taking lessons from him. By the end of the day I almost felt like I could go and takle that olympique run. I didn't however, a few more days on the green and blue slopes.

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