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AOL Summer Party in London starring Cokeboy and Titgirl

Just last night, Thurs 4 Aug, there was what you might think your typical media agency party going on in Shoreditch, London hosted by AOL. There were a few DJs lined up like Jamie XX, Ben Bridgewater and Josh Silver playing tunes like Gold Dust and Bigger than Hip Hop.

It was all looking like a great evening of music, drinks and media talk. Part of the evening included a photo booth that was set up to take photos of those that went into a booth. I suspect most people thought that the only record of these photos would be the ones printed out then and there. Little did they know there would be an online album (pass: Shoreditch) shared with all those that attended.

These bright young people decided it would be a good idea to get their (what appears to be) bag of coke out and have a few snorts in front of the camera. There's the main photo floating around which you can find here whilst it's still up - #cokeboy

In addition to these bunch, towards the end of the night it appears it started to get a bit hot in the venue. There's more than a few that stated to get their kit off and show off for all to see. #titgirl